A Balanced Health Practice

Many of us might think that acquiring a sexy body and a healthy lifestyle entails being alarmingly skinny, starving ourselves to death or working out non-stop until all of our breaths have been sucked out of our lungs. It does seem to be a form of exaggeration but there are really those who take their diets to the extreme almost as if they are about to commit suicide.

Bear in mind though that this should not be the case since we can always prepare simple and easy recipes that we can try without the guilt, while partnering them with our respective diet routines. Speaking of diet routines, healthy food choices will not suffice if we lack self discipline, motivation, and determination. If we want to get things done the right way, we need not rush things and take them one step at a time in order for our painstaking efforts to take effect by doing the following:

  • Avoid overeating.

This idea is similar to that of firing range where the one holding the gun should be able to point and shoot at the target with focus and accuracy. The same thing applies when we’re on a diet or when we’re planning to make ourselves fit. We should then visualize our objective of being healthy first by taking everything in moderation. Most of us bite more than we can chew and that must be monitored. Don’t eat in a rush and take time to consume small portions of food especially when we’re not so hungry.


  • Put varieties to meal plans.

Instead of thinking about the kind of food that we shouldn’t eat, let’s focus on what we should. Most of the diet routines that we get ourselves into usually go to waste because even if we avoid what’s bad for us, we get tired of eating the same snacks that we use to. To put an end to this, we must introduce ourselves to other types of fruits, vegetables and other healthy options out in the market. I, for example, have been sick of eating sliced toasts for breakfast so I make sure that I eat cereals or oat meals sometimes. Aside from that, I drink pineapple juice instead of the usual orange juice to make my drink taste different and it contains higher levels of Omega 3 to keep my heart healthy.

  • Savor the taste of eating healthy fats.

Yup! There is such thing as healthy fats! They enhance brain and nerve function, and can also make the skin glow. They have Omega 3 (just what I have mentioned above) and 6 that effectively reduce cardiovascular diseases and dementia. Such food includes; salmon, sardines, tuna, etc. and are even found on some fruit drinks.

So instead of sulking in one corner and refuse to eat at all, we may as well just watch what we eat and choose new alternatives for our tried and tested snacks.

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