Different Teas for your Daily Needs

I’ve mentioned in an earlier post that drinking tea is a good way to keep up with your healthy lifestyle. Some people would say that they prefer coffee over tea because you can get a lot of flavors and mixes with it while tea is well . . . just tea. But that is not the case! Actually, tea comes in a lot of blends and it doesn’t just come from one plant (which is, of course, camellia sinensis). In fact, you can make tea out flowers and other plants that can come from your own garden!

So how beneficial is tea, anyway? And what kind of tea should I drink? You ask.

Well, it depends on what outcome you want to have.

Stressed? Try drinking chamomile, lavender, or jasmine tea to help you relax. It’s
the aroma, not just the flavors that sets you off in a calm mood so that your stress levels will go down.

Studies show that there is plenty of EGCG (or epigallocatechin gallate—try saying that three times fast!) in tea, especially green tea that could help regulate or boost your metabolism. Try drinking at least two to three cups of everyday.

Need a little help in losing weight? Try fermented teas like Oolong or Pu-erh. The best part with these fermented teas is they have a longer shelf-life than most teas in the market, so you can enjoy them more!

Need to pull an all-nighter? Then black tea is best for you. While tea still contains caffeine, black tea has significantly lower caffeine content, so drinking it in evenings will certainly perk you up, without the risk of having wild-eyed palpitations and sugar crashes after.

Aside from busting cancer and speeding up metabolism, did you know that tea is good for your teeth? WorldDental.org says a study shows that there are certain compounds in tea that helps keep off bacteria in the mouth. But don’t go ditching the toothbrush for tea! Despite tea’s benefits, you still need to brush of the brown tea stains in your teeth to keep them white and shiny. You may have a healthy mouth from drinking tea, but you don’t want to have your teeth brown, don’t you?

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