Do not live in a “Home Alone” Movie

There’s something about our generation nowadays and I think it’s that we don’t really think about the possible consequences of our actions. Take for example, Facebook. We post almost our entire lives there without thinking of the consequences it may lead to such as causing you your interview because of that one drunken night in college, for example.


Same thing with home security, you neglect to lock that window upstairs and before you know it, your television’s gone along with your ipad, laptop, and recently-purchased Nintendo wii. Of course, that could’ve been avoided easily but you just had to go bad ass and not lock that window now, did you? Good thing we’ve listed down here some common security mistakes and how you could best avoid them.

Prevention is better than cure.
If you’ve ever watched “Home Alone” as a kid (or even as an adult), you’d know that as silly as it was, there’s no argument that that kid did it right. But then again, that’s just a movie. Doing it in real life might take so much more than making a mess of your house. So how do we avoid all these unnecessary shenanigans and save ourselves the trouble and a whole bucket of paint and goo? Here’s how.

1. Avoid leaving traces or clues.
Going away for vacation? Refrain from posting your actual whereabouts until you come back (read: DON’T ANNOUNCE EVERYTHING ON FACEBOOK/TWITTER). Thinking the burglars or thieves would not find out about it is a risky move. Don’t underestimate people’s awareness of the use and power of technology.

Avoid leaving notes on your doorstep or anywhere else announcing that you will be gone for two weeks or so. Ask favor from a trusted neighbor or a relative to pick up your mails and to check on your house once in a while. And leave some lights on. This way, people would still think that you’re at home even when you’re not. It might take some toll on your electricity bill but what the heck, it’ll sure save you all of your appliances when you get back.

2. Tidy up once in a while.
You know that Nintendo wii you just purchased? Well, its box is still hanging around outside somewhere for all your neighbors and random passersby to see. Like your rotten trash, dispose of it quickly avoiding attracting possible suspects. And hide that ladder you left outside, will you?

Also, keep your things from where people can easily spot them especially from outside. Avoid leaving them near windows or anywhere passersby might see them.

Also, those shrubs that needed tending? If it’s grown so big that you can already hide a body in it, maybe you should start trimming it asap, saving you all that trouble in the future.

3. Don’t make for the obvious.

If you’ve seen it in a movie, do not attempt to repeat it. A great example of this is leaving your spare key under your doormat or somewhere on your doorstep. The trick here is to think as burglars would. If you’ve seen it in a movie, case is they would’ve too. Again, ask a favor from a trusted neighbor or a relative (preferably one who lives nearby) to keep it for you.

4. Being secured means being wise.


Just because you have an alarm system doesn’t necessarily ensure you and your family’s safety. Keep your alarm system from where people can easily see them. Make sure you’re using the right security cameras to serve their purpose. Having them installed is one thing, making sure they’re giving you what you need is another.

5. Be unpredictable.

Having a routine can actually be dangerous in this case since the burglars won’t have any trouble of reading your mind and finding out your next step. They can easily make a pattern of your daily routine enabling them to attack at the “right time”. Surprise them once in a while. Go home earlier when you can. Take a different route going home. Stay at home during weekends. That’ll keep them guessing.

6. Don’t trust too easily.

This is not only applicable in love but more so in this situation. Someone’s car broke down in front of your house? Help him/her and involve other neighbors. If he/she asks for some water, get it yourself. If he/she asks to go to the bathroom, let him/her use the one outside or have him/her go through the backdoor. Or better yet, make up some excuse such as you have some visitors that cannot be disturbed right now. In this way, you can protect your home and still be polite.

As easy and common as these steps seem, people would still forget to follow them most of the time, so remember to ALWAYS keep them in mind. In the event that you forget, though, you can always opt for what that “Home Alone” kid did. That’ll be entertaining.

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