How to Choose the Perfect Phone

What else can you do with an old Nokia 3310 in the year 2012 aside from messaging and making calls? Since urban legend goes that a 3310 is virtually indestructible, maybe you could make it into a bulletproof vest for kicks, but people demand a lot of things from their phones nowadays.

Calling and messaging aren’t just the things people need—WiFi or 3G has to be there to go online, there needs to be a decent-quality camera so that you could take a snapshot of when you met this actor in a coffee shop, the OS needs to be up to date, it must have a lot of space for games and apps . . .

Of course phone manufacturing companies are more than happy to oblige, but what entails the products they produce is a hefty price tag that leaves people groaning in desperation to scrap up their monthly paychecks to be able to buy it, either for bragging rights or convenient use, probably both.

Not everybody though can afford these flashy phones. Even though some, if most, of them have useful features and applications, but it’s not just for anybody. So how do you pick a phone if you’re a little bit short on the end of the funds department?

Well for one, you could start by listing the things you need (not want, it can come later) from a phone, calling and messaging is a given. Do you need a phone for more of a personal use or for business purposes? Are you a texting person, or do you prefer to call more?

Features and performance are also factors to consider when choosing a phone. Some phones run faster and respond quicker than others, depending on their specs. Some have in-built functions like Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, and even a multi-SIM capability. It’s even unlikely now to find a phone without a camera. But the thing is, the higher the specs are and the more functions it provides, the more expensive it gets.

One thing I’ve noticed with newer phones is that they tend to come apart easily than older phones. I’m not saying that you go dropping your phone to test how long it will last. But aside from functionality, you might want to check on its durability as well.

You might have probably taken a fancy to that new phone model you’ve seen in the mall, but when you go phone-hunting, try to find one that gives more bang for your buck, but try to not give up on style as well.

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