Making Distant Relationships Become Not-So-Distant

It takes commitment to make a long-distance relationship work. Sometimes a lot of things can get in the way: school, work, and family are just the most basic of reasons. Some people complain that lack of communication is the main problem why this kind of relationship just won’t work.

But what these people are forgetting is that we live in the age where communicating from opposite ends of the Earth is no longer a big obstacle. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can even reconnect those long-lost grade school classmates and relatives whom you haven’t talked to in a long time. The world is getting smaller they say, so why can distant relationships not work just because of faulty communication? Question is, is it really faulty?

There are ways to make communication from two different points in the world be more personal. It’s not just about emails and wall posts and tweets. If you’re creative enough, communicating with your loved one abroad may come so easy, you won’t even think he or she is miles away from you.

All it takes is a proper internet and mobile connection. And who isn’t connected to the Web these days?

1. textPlus – Free text messages and calls? Sound impossible? Not really. That is, if your phone’s capable of getting WiFi, 3G, or 4G. And when connected, you can send as many texts and calls as you want, provided the people you’re messaging also has textPlus. It’s free, so anyone with a smartphone (even a low-end one) can download it, unlike the iOS-exclusive iMessage. You can save a lot on your phone bills, so you have a two-for-one deal. Unlimited contact to your loved one and you save money! Great, right?

2. Skype – Sometimes voice calls aren’t enough. People would want to see their special someone face-to-face, even if it’s through a screen. They can see if they’re happy or tired or slowly gaining weight from eating too many burritos. Skype is the current most popular platform for video calling and messaging. It’s not just for computers; people with smartphones can use Skype, too!

3. Online gaming – Please don’t start the stereotype that girls don’t/can’t play online games. We’re as much as capable of scoring more points that guys do. Now that’s out of the bag, how about some one-on-one multiplayer with your hubby or girlfriend? Nothing says fun and loving like playing games together, even from across countries. To give it a more personal touch, have both log in on Skype. Playing multiplayer with voice contact doubles the gaming satisfaction. Don’t believe me? Check out the various game play videos online and see for yourself.

4. Low-cost travel – The best way to cure the aching woes of long-distance relationships is to be physically close to each other, but sometimes it’s not just career issues and family that gets in the way but travel fares. But sometimes, travel agencies tied with budget airlines give offers and promos, especially on holidays. Why not take advantage of these opportunities to finally spend time together? The vacation will do you good, too.

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