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If social media never existed, what would you be thankful for?

It could be the good coffee your local barista whips up for you every day or the friendly neighbor who just baked pie and gave you a hearty piece. A simple “thank you” would suffice to appreciate their kindness, or give the barista an extra tip.

And not a soul has to know.

But since we’re in a world ruled by instant gratification, there’s “#blessed”.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms are bloated with this hashtag spree where people boast about an accomplishment in the cloak of being humble, fish for compliments, or make others jealous on purpose.

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Many of us might think that acquiring a sexy body and a healthy lifestyle entails being alarmingly skinny, starving ourselves to death or working out non-stop until all of our breaths have been sucked out of our lungs. It does seem to be a form of exaggeration but there are really those who take their diets to the extreme almost as if they are about to commit suicide.

Bear in mind though that this should not be the case since we can always prepare simple and easy recipes that we can try without the guilt, while partnering them with our respective diet routines. Speaking of diet routines, healthy food choices will not suffice if we lack self discipline, motivation, and determination. If we want to get things done the right way, we need not rush things and take them one step at a time in order for our painstaking efforts to take effect by doing the following:

  • Avoid overeating.

This idea is similar to that of firing range where the one holding the gun should be able to point and shoot at the target with focus and accuracy. The same thing applies when we’re on a diet or when we’re planning to make ourselves fit. We should then visualize our objective of being healthy first by taking everything in moderation. Most of us bite more than we can chew and that must be monitored. Don’t eat in a rush and take time to consume small portions of food especially when we’re not so hungry. Read More A Balanced Health Practice


Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy, but not everyone can get a gym membership and start doing crunches on the bench immediately. It’s not because people are stingy or lazy, but mostly they’ll tell you that they just don’t have the time. Work, school, kids, dates, you name it, everyone has something holding them back from working on those extra baggage.

Disappointment after scaling.

I’ve been hearing the same question again and again by those people who want to try to cut back on the calories but just can’t afford to go miss the overtime pay for a quick jog on the treadmill, “How do get to be healthy without working so hard?”

The thing is folks, it’s almost impossible to do it without exerting a little effort. You can’ just hit the gym on impulse for one day only and expect to shed the pounds you want to get rid of. It needs dedication and a little bit of investment. It was mentioned earlier that it’s almost impossible, but it doesn’t you can’t work around it.

So how can you do it?

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